Umbrella Company Director Member

This structure is suitable for:

  • High Rate Contractors
  • Long & Short Term Contracts

Advantages include:

  • Higher Net Income
  • Lower Prsi costs of Class S
  • Fixed monthly fee. No setup/exit fees
  • Expense processing

This structure enables you to become a shareholder and director of a ready-made Irish Limited company. We deal with all the payroll, bookkeeping, accountancy, taxation and company secretarial matters for the company and ensure the company is fully compliant. We charge a fixed monthly fee for this service.

As part of our service we deal with the following:

  • Appointment of Directors & Company Secretary
  • Register for VAT/PAYE/Tax
  • Open company bank account
  • Preparation and completion of employment contract and icontracting contract
  • Monthly/Weekly invoicing
  • Processing of monthly salary payments
  • Prepare and submit PAYE/ VAT returns
  • Processing expense claims
  • Preparation of Annual Accounts
  • Preparation and submission of Corporation Tax Return
  • Assistance with Personal Income Tax Return
  • Preparation and submission of CRO returns

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