Umbrella Company Employee Member

This structure maybe suitable for:

  • First Time Contractors
  • Short Term Contracts
  • Contracts with immediate start date

Advantages include:

  • Less revenue obligations for the contractor
  • Reduced level of Responsibility
  • Class A Prsi and the related benefits
  • Lower fixed monthly fee
  • No setup/exit fees

Under this structure you become an employee of an existing company which we manage. We deal with all payroll, bookkeeping, accountancy, taxation and company secretarial matters for the company. The only thing that you have to do is submit your timesheet and expense claim form every month.

As part of our service we deal with the following:

  • Preparation and completion of employment contract and icontracting contract
  • Monthly Invoicing
  • Processing expense claims
  • Monthly/Weekly Payroll
  • Assistance with registration for tax and application for tax credits
  • Provision of Employers Reference Letters

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